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Trade Stands

The Trade Stands are either Commercial or Charity and range from
eg.Catering stands, to a plant stall, including a Girl Guide stand. Each stand is located in a designated area and marked out the previous day. This is to ensure that all stalls are accessible to the Public. The Committee try to limit certain stands (eg catering) to provide a
balanced selection of stalls.

Dog Show

The Dog Show is also a recent development to encourage children
and families to bring their pedigree and non-pedigree dogs along to be
judged. This again was to assist families in the skills of caring for 
their dogs to help to improve their condition. It is only a small dog show, but it helps to ensure that family pets are obedient and well groomed.

Children's Entertainment

It has become a tradition for the Travelling Fair to attend the Show for
many years. The Fair provides rides and games for the children. It is now operated by Dowse’s who arrive with their vehicles every year. The Children’s entertainment has more recently been introduced to ensure that the children of the families attending were also amused for the day with music, magic show and various games.

Horse Show

The horse showing and jumping was originally affiliated and was the main attraction of the Show with the farmer’s horses competing against young horses mainly from well known horse competitors. The show also included games for the young riders to increase their skills and experience. The show was originally held on a Saturday but when the number of riders competing dropped it was decided to hold the Show on a Sunday.

Horses are still very important to the Show but we felt changes were now necessary to include horses that are no longer used by the farmers on the land such as the Agricultural and Heavy Horses

Mr Dan the Circus Man

Mr Dan the Circus Man will be bringing his popular circus skills workshop to Broughton Show - Adults and Children can try their hand at a variety of tricks and skills such as: juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, silts, pedal go, hoops and more fun for the whole family to join in and have a great time.

Craft Fair

The Hall where the Craft Fair is being held since 2019 was used forthe Horticultural displays. The Horticultural side of the Show wasfirst located in a tent and later moved to the hall. It was mainly for theFarmers in the area to display their Wheat, Barley, Oats, Potatoes andSugar Beet with their wives displaying Jams and Baking. It was anopportunity for the farmers to gather and discuss “their year”

Little Enchantments

Come and meet the Little Enchantments' Snow Sisters for a sing-a-long show, meet and greet.

Broughton Scorpion Taekwondo

Demonstration by Broughton Scorpion Taekwondo


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